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Quality Mangement System

Our Policy

In accordance with the quality management approach of our university and within the framework of the “Global Code of Ethics for Tourism”, we have international recognition and cooperation opportunities, by constantly improving our education, research and consultancy services in a way that will meet the current and future demands and needs of our domestic and foreign customers, and exceed their expectations, in an environmentally and socially sensitive manner. to enable change and to be a pioneer.


Our Vision

In tourism and academia; To be a world-class faculty that is known for the individuals it educates, scientific studies and innovations, speaks for itself with its experience and expertise, and leads with its vision of the future and ability to change.


Our Mission

As Akdeniz University Faculty of Tourism, located in Antalya, the heart of tourism in Turkey, our mission is to produce solutions for the development of the tourism sector;

To train executive candidates who have tourism management, tourism guidance, gastronomy and culinary arts and recreation management formation*,
To conduct scientific and sectoral research,
To provide training and consultancy services,
to produce projects,
To organize national and international meetings.


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