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International Tourism Week Conference Series - V   (ITW 2013)
15-16 April 2013, Antalya-Turkey
“New Trends in Tourism Management and Marketing”

Organized by:
Akdeniz University, Faculty of Tourism, Antalya- Turkey

Nuri Özaltın Conference Hall, Akdeniz University, Faculty of Tourism, Antalya-Turkey

Change stays as being the only thing that never changes in all areas of businesses. Tourism is no exception. Not only the new technologies but also the changes in lifestyles fuel the changes that occurring in the tourism industry which require examining tourism planning, management and marketing from new perspectives.

 International Tourism Conference Series, this year (ITW 2013), aims to understand the new trends in tourism management and marketing to respond these changes in sustainable ways. The objective of the conference is focusing on the recent development at all levels and areas in tourism to search for the innovative tools and strategies.

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