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The faculty situated in Antalya which is known as Turkish Riviera. In Antalya, the pine-clad Taurus Mountains sweep down to the sparkling clear sea resulting in an irregular coastline of rocky headlands and secluded coves. The region, bathed in sunshine for 300 days of the year, is a paradise for sunbathing, swimming, and sports activities like wind surfing, water skiing, mountain climbing and spelunking.

The faculty has been in service since 1986 (it has started under the name of School of Tourism  & Hotel Management). It has 9000 meters square indoor space including the managerial offices and classrooms. Concerning about the facilities, there exists a multipurpose saloon, cafeteria, reference library, projection room, PhD class, Master’s Degree class, copying and book sales room, mini hotel, mini travel agency, practice kitchen (180 meters square)  conference hall with 182 people capacity, lecture hall having 240 people capacity, twelve classrooms ranging from 50 to 96 people capacity, two fully equipped computer labs having 68 computers.

Executive Team

Prof. Dr. Beykan ÇİZEL

Vice Deans:
Prof. Dr. Ebru İÇİGEN (Academic Affairs)

Assoc. Prof. Osman ÇALIŞKAN (Student Affairs)



According to our mission and vision, we aim to improve our effectiveness on both national and international level. Accordingly, we established degree programs in English in 2014. These are“International Tourism Management – Master Degree” and “Tourism Management – Bachelor Degree”. We accepted 73national and international students in total for the period 2014-2016. Additionally, preparations for PhD-degree-course in English are continuing.

Since 2004, we have been sending and hosting Erasmus students from all over Europe. The Council of Higher Education of Turkey created a new mobility programs named “Mevlana Exchange Program” in 2013. You can find the total numbers of students and staffs we hosted and sent within these programs. Additionally, more than 200 students had a chance to do traineeship in Germany by ZIHOGA Programme.

Years Erasmus Mobility Program Mevlana Exchange Program
Incoming Students Outgoing Students Incoming Staffs Outgoing Staffs Incoming Students Outgoing Students Incoming Staffs Outgoing Staffs
2004-2016 199 252 51 17 5 2 4 4

Our main activities are national and international scientific meetings (such as conferences, seminars, and international tourism weeks), career days to meet our students and sector representatives, project contest for students, etc. We also run our own “Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Research (AHTR) Journal” which is an international and official scholarly research journal. During the last couple of years we have obtained severalquality certificates and awards are as follows:

  • TSE ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate of Quality Management System
  • World Tourism Organization – TedQual “Certificate for Quality in Tourism Education”
  • SKALITE “Award for Quality in Tourism Education”
  • TUR-YÖN “Award for the Best Tourism Faculty,2012”
  • International Achievements and Awards of Cooking Team
  • BarlasKüntay Award

Akdeniz University

Faculty of Tourism

Tel: 0090 242 227 4400 – 2867

Fax : +90 (242) 227 4670

E-mail: turizm@akdeniz.edu.trturintaffairs@akdeniz.edu.tr


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