(Association Pour La Delivrance Des Diplômes Européen D’Hôtellerie)

In the late 1980’s, many European hotel and tourism schools gathered and formed EURHODIP. For more than 20 years, Eurhodip has worked for promoting top quality education and raising the profile of European hospitality and tourism education around the world through the many actions our association offers.

Today Eurhodip gathers some 150 schools and universities from 35 countries.  In view of the development and internationalization of the hospitality, tourism and catering industry, it is crucial to match market’s requirements (considering it is a market with a very high demand for skilled staff) with the contents of training programmes on a European level so that future professionals acquire the skills which are necessary to be able to work everywhere in the world.

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Located in Antalya, known as the heart of Turkish tourism, Akdeniz University Tourism Faculty possesses the mission to produce solutions for the development of tourism sector through: Growing up individuals having fundamental business and tourism formation (fluent in at least two foreign languages, skilled in computer softwares of tourism industry, internship -national or international- accomplished, succeeded in the basic theoretical and practical education of tourism); Performing scientific and industrial research; Creating training and consultancy programs,Realizing projects Organizing national and international meetings and conferences.


Being a worldwide leadership faculty that known as its trained and educated individuals, academic studies and innovations.


Akdeniz University Tourism Faculty
07058 Campus Antalya TURKEY
Tel: +90 242 310 20 20