UNWTO TedQual Membership

It is a certification of a voluntary nature that seeks to facilitate the continual improvement of tourism education, training and research programmes through the definition of a set of minimum standards of quality for tourism education. To this end, the system takes into consideration five areas of analysis that evaluate internal and external aspects of the Programme: the coherence of the plan of studies; infrastructure and pedagogical support; policies, tools and support mechanisms for administrative management; the existence of transparent mechanisms for the selection of the faculty and favourable conditions for their professional development; and the relevance of the content of the programme of studies with respect to the needs of the tourism sector.

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Located in Antalya, known as the heart of Turkish tourism, Akdeniz University Tourism Faculty possesses the mission to produce solutions for the development of tourism sector through: Growing up individuals having fundamental business and tourism formation (fluent in at least two foreign languages, skilled in computer softwares of tourism industry, internship -national or international- accomplished, succeeded in the basic theoretical and practical education of tourism); Performing scientific and industrial research; Creating training and consultancy programs,Realizing projects Organizing national and international meetings and conferences.


Being a worldwide leadership faculty that known as its trained and educated individuals, academic studies and innovations.


Akdeniz University Tourism Faculty
07058 Campus Antalya TURKEY
Tel: +90 242 310 20 20