About the Faculty

Our faculty has a total indoor area of ​​9000 m2 with classrooms and administrative building. In our faculty, there are 1 Botanical Reading Hall, 1 multi-purpose hall for 182 people, 1 mini hotel, 1 mini travel agency, 1 practice kitchen, 1 canteen, 1 reference library, 1 projection room, 1 PhD classroom, 1 graduate classroom, 1 photocopy and book sales room, 1 lecturing hall with a total capacity of 240 people, 12 classrooms with a capacity of minimum 50 and maximum 96 people, 2 fully equipped computer laboratories with 66 computers.

Our Goals 

• To train executive candidates for the tourism sector and tourism businesses who can speak at least two languages and can work in the international arena,
• To constantly examine the innovations in the tourism sector, to conduct academic research on this subject and to train lecturers who will do these researches,
• To be in constant cooperation and coordination with the tourism sector, to prepare projects in line with the demands of the sector, to contribute to the solution of the problems in the enterprises,
• To publish the results of both theoretical and practical research in the national and international arena and to contribute to the production of knowledge for this purpose,
• Collaborating with educational institutions of similar status that provide tourism education in the national and international arena, to work on both better training of students and increasing the level of knowledge of teaching staff,
• To organize national and international meetings, seminars, congresses on issues concerning the sector and to participate actively or passively in meetings organized by other institutions,
• To contribute to social development by organizing continuous education programs open to the society and ensuring that the society also benefits from the educational potential.

Global Code of Ethics in Tourism

Click here to reach UNWTO's Global Code of Ethics in Tourism.


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