Department of Tourism Management

Establishment Date: 1986

The mission of the Department of Tourism Management is to educate individuals with foundational business and vocational tourism formation, conduct scientific and sectoral research, and produce projects. The Tourism Management department, which provides education in both English and Turkish, has earned the "Quality in Tourism Education (UNWTO TedQual)" certification given by the World Tourism Organization for the years 2018 – 2021.

Department Learning Objectives:

1) To cultivate tourism managers who can compete on an international level and are proficient in at least two languages.

2) To continuously explore innovations in Tourism Management, conduct academic research, and educate faculty members who will carry out these research projects.

3) To contribute to the sustainable development of tourism activities in the region.

Scientific and Professional Competencies:

Knowledge (Program Competencies): Students possess knowledge on the discipline of business management related to tourism management, business strategies, research methods, and general tourism concepts.

Skills (Field Competencies): Students employ appropriate methods and techniques to foster the development of creative, critical and scientific thinking, as well as inquiry, research, and problem-solving skills. They also acquire proficiency in using the professional technical knowledge needed in the tourism sector (such as automation, computer programs, information systems).

Career/Employment Opportunities: Graduates can find employment opportunities in tourism businesses and other fields involving business administration in both the private and public sectors. In addition, they can pursue academic career opportunities by advancing to graduate education.

Recognition of Prior Learning: Students who graduate from associate degree programs can transition into the tourism management program, which aligns with the fields they graduated from, through the Vertical Transition Exam (DGS) conducted by OSYM.

Transition to Higher Degree Programs: Students can apply for master's or doctoral programs in the fields of Tourism Management and Business.

Academic Staff


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