Department of Tourism Guidance

Establishment Date: 2013

General Information About the Department: The aim of the Tourist Guiding program is to train qualified tourist guides for the tourism sector by providing scientific and high-quality education. Through this program, it will be possible to train qualified tourist guides and potential managers who have good foreign language skills, understand Turkey's history, culture, and geography thoroughly, possess strong interpersonal skills, have analytical thinking abilities, demonstrate problem-solving, management, and organization skills, and uphold fundamental values such as tolerance, politeness, respect, and honesty, along with leadership and representation capabilities for the steadily growing tourism sector. Tourist Guiding students graduate after completing a four-year curriculum that combines different disciplines. Students in the department gain practical knowledge about Turkey's historical and touristic locations through a mandatory Turkey tour. Students who successfully complete the undergraduate education, the Turkey tour, and achieve a sufficient score in the foreign language exam (YDS), gain the right to work as a tourist guide by obtaining a tourist guide license from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Department Learning Objectives: The primary aim of the Tourist Guiding Department is to train professional tourist guides who are proficient in at least two foreign languages and have the knowledge and skills to best promote our country to both domestic and foreign tourists.

Scientific and Professional Competencies:

Knowledge (Program Competencies):

Understanding legal regulations related to Tourist Guiding, as well as professional rights and obligations.

Defining basic concepts in the field of tourism and tourist guiding.

Communicating professional information in at least one foreign language.

Leading groups by thoroughly explaining the country's cultural and geographical features during tours.

Specializing in Turkey's archaeological, historical, and geographical values related to the profession of tourist guiding and assuming the responsibility of promoting the country.

Keeping up with innovations related to tourism and the profession of tourism, and continuously developing oneself.

Reaching a high level of awareness about the conservation of cultural and natural heritage assets in Turkey.

Combining knowledge of other different cultures, religions, civilizations in the world with examples in Turkey and applying them effectively.

Understanding alternative types of tourism and producing solutions for the country's tourism within the framework of sustainable tourism, thereby creating awareness.

Conducting scientific work using all the skills and knowledge acquired during their education.

Skills (Field Competencies):

Possessing advanced knowledge and skills in areas such as general tourism, history, art history, archaeology, religion, mythology, tourism geography, flora and fauna, tourism marketing, professional guiding, tourism legislation, communication, business, management and organization, first aid, and health, and being able to apply scientific research methods in these fields.

Understanding legal regulations, professional rights, and obligations related to the profession.

Applying theoretical knowledge in tour organization, tour planning, and management in the work environment, which are aspects of the guiding field.

Possessing written and spoken communication skills in a foreign language necessary for professional life at the B2 level, and having knowledge of a second language.

Career/Employment Opportunities:

Graduates of the Tourist Guiding program can work as tour guides and hotel guides in all local and international tours at travel agencies that are members of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB), and at tour operators. In addition, graduates can find employment in institutions and organizations affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Transition to Higher Degree Programs: Graduates of the undergraduate Tourist Guiding program can enroll in postgraduate programs in the Department of Tourism Management and in various other major disciplines.

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