Most Recent Indexed Publications (2023; 2022)

Albayrak, T., Rodríguez, M. R. G., Caber, M., & Karasakal, S. (2021). The use of mobile applications for travel booking: Impacts of application quality and brand trust. Journal of Vacation Marketing, 29(1), 3–21.

Karatepe, O. M., Çolakoğlu, Ü., Yurcu, G., & Kaya, Ş. (2023). Do financial anxiety and generalized anxiety mediate the effect of perceived organizational support on service employees’ career commitment? International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.

Yurcu, G., Yuncu, E. N., & Akinci, Z. (2023). Motivation, co-creation, mental well-being and cross-cultural differences: the case of thalassotherapy in Turkey. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change, 1–26.

Selçuk, O., Karakaş, H., Çizel, B., & Çetin, E. I. (2023). How does tourism affect protected areas?: A multi-criteria decision making application in UNESCO natural heritage sites. Natural Hazards, 117(2), 1923–1944.

Aybek, G. & Özdemir, B. (2022). Effects of ethnic restaurant experience on prospective tourist intentions: Mediating role of food image. Tourism Management Perspectives, 44, 101034.

Kasalak, G., Güneri, B., Ehtiyar, V. R., Apaydın, Ç., & Türker, G. Ö. (2022). The relation between leadership styles in higher education institutions and academic staff’s job satisfaction: A meta-analysis study. Frontiers in Psychology, 13.


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