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For International Students:


For Application Calendar

Application Criterion for International Students

1- International candidates who studied in abroad, can apply with the graduation documents accepted by the Council of Higher Education. (This condition, it is not required for graduated from Turkish Higher Education Institutions.)

2- To have at least C1 level in Turkish proficiency exam. Documents, which are submitted by Akdeniz TÖMER and/or Institute of Yunus Emre, are accepted. (This condition, it is not required graduated from Turkish Higher Education Institutions.)

3- Foreign language is not required as application to the Master’s Programs.

4- For candidates who have a dual citizenship; if they apply to the quota reserved for international students, they can not apply to the quota reserved for citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

5- For Master’s Program application; Bachelor’s level diploma and transcript will be added with their translations to Turkish.

6- Applications of the candidates who provide the mentioned requirements above and submit required documents as ONLINE during the application period, are accepted and these candidates are accepted to the entrance exams.

Required Documents for Master Programme Application

  • If there is, school/university recognation / certificate of equivalence
  • Bachelor’s Level Diploma
  • Bachelor’s Level Diploma’s Translation to Turkish
  • Transcript from Bachelor’s Level
  • Transcript’s Translation to Turkish
  • Turkish Language Proficiency Certificate (on C1 level). Certificate which is submitted by Akdeniz TÖMER and/or Institute of Yunus Emre is accepted.
  • Portrait

Total Point Calculation: 40% of Bachelor’s Level GPA  +  60% of Science Exam Point


  • Science Exams are organized by departments.
  • In order to be accepted to Master’s Programs; min. 65 point and above are considered successful.
  • Students are placed according to their total points from high to low.
  • Applicants who are successful but are out of the quota are determined as the substitute candidates as much as number of quotas.


Quota and Requirements for Master’s Programmes for International Students

For further informations:


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